Leo Cussen is here to support you to complete your PLT placement, whatever the circumstances.  We have adapted our PLT courses so you can trust Leo Cussen to continue to provide the best practical legal training experience while coronavirus is impacting all of us.

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Embark on the next step in your legal career with Leo Cussen’s practical legal training course, designed to give you the skills and practical experience to take you into a successful legal career. Our PLT training will provide you with a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, which allows you to be admitted to practice as an Australian Lawyer. If you are looking to get your GDLP in Melbourne, we have both in-house and online options, so you can complete your PLT in a way that suits your lifestyle. For more information about Leo Cussen Centre for Law please see our tabs above, which contain information on your PLT cost, and the kinds of practical law training which is provided through our PLT placement course.

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At Leo Cussen we understand that lockdown measures might create some uncertainty about your options for PLT. We are here to help you! Book a Zoom or phone chat with us to learn more about PLT with Leo Cussen.

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Watch our latest information session, including dedicated international student session.

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