About our Traineeship Workshops (now known as Supervised Legal Trainees Workshops)

Leo Cussen Centre for Law has an enviable record in helping firms and legal practices meet their Supervised Legal Training (SLT) requirements. Through Supervised Legal Training in Australia, we have given thousands of lawyers the essential skills and knowledge needed for admission and to reach their career potential.

Supervised Legal Training at Leo Cussen Centre for Law is:


Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for trainee lawyers, overseas qualified lawyers and requalifying lawyers should be checked with the Victorian Legal Admissions Board before registering for Supervised Legal Training workshops.


Our SLT Workshops

Leo Cussen Centre for Law provides training in all mandatory topics pursuant to the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015:

  • Lawyer’s Skills*
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility*
  • Work Management and Business Skills
  • Risk Management*
  • Trust and Office Accounting
  • Civil Litigation
  • Property Law
  • Commercial and Corporate Practice

*Must be provided (subject to the VLAB) by an approved provider such as Leo Cussen, but firms and practices may use us as the provider for all of these topics.

We also provide two topics from the Optional Practice Areas:

  • Administrative Law
  • Employment and Industrial Relations



Timetable and Fees

Many of our topics are repeated throughout the year and we keep our pricing as reasonable as possible. To book a Supervised Legal Training Workshop, see here.



SLT Team
Email: slt@leocussen.edu.au 
Phone: 03 8667 5667