About CPD Programs at Leo Cussen

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at Leo Cussen Centre for Law embodies our mission to support and strengthen the administration of justice and the legal system through education, training and professional development.

CPD requirements are necessary, but we believe that development is more important than points. That is why our programs are designed to genuinely add to your knowledge so that you can remain at the forefront of the legal profession – the points are a bonus.

Our CPD programs and CPD events fall into four main categories:

CPD Seminars

Take an hour of your time and update yourself on any of a wide range of topics within the core compulsory CPD areas: ethics; substantive law; professional skills; and practice management & business skills. Our legal CPD Seminars may include everything from developments in legislation and case law, to vital skills like drafting – you name it, we do it.


CPD Conferences

Attend a Leo Cussen conference for CPD in Melbourne and be at the forefront of developments in your practice area, as well as take the opportunity to network through the day. Usually full-day CPD events with multiple speakers, our conferences are presented by leaders in their fields. We offer ‘essential’ content, including case updates and developments in the law and legal practice. During our CPD days, we provide lunch and morning and afternoon teas, plus full materials.


CPD Workshops

Our one- and two-day CPD workshops are intensive and interactive, and the learning is enhanced because you are learning in small groups. We use leading practitioners in all of these workshops, which are fully catered. There are basically two types of CPD workshop which run on our intensive CPD days:

  • Essentials, which cover the elements of legal practice from a practical point of view, including recent developments, precedents and templates.
  • Advocacy, the same as Essentials but with greater interactivity, including role play and mock hearings.


CPD Intensives

At peak CPD times, usually in the lead-up to the end of the CPD year on March 31, we offer a series of three-hour programs – worth three CPD points each – designed to cover at least three compulsory CPD categories. We often run two sessions a day and participants can mix and match to gain the precise knowledge and number of CPD points they require.

Other Services

Workshops for Legal Support Staff

Leo Cussen runs CPD workshops for legal support staff, covering similar areas to those in the workshops and CPD courses for lawyers, giving them the up-to-date, in-depth and practical knowledge they need to fulfil their functions effectively in the practice. It gives practice supervisors the confidence that their staff are well-trained, current and on the same page as the lawyers.


Book CPD Programs

Find all your CPD programs and events, and even filter by CPD category or practice area. From ethics CPD courses to CPD for management of legal practices, we have CPD sessions for all your needs.


Buy CPD Audio and Webcasts

For your convenience and interest, we offer a wide range of CPD audio and webcasts. We also sell CPD seminar and conference materials, and books.


Where to go

We deliver CPD programs in Melbourne at Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Level 16, 15 William Street, and at other convenient venues.


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Leo Cussen Centre For Law Presenter Policy

Leo Cussen Centre for Law will always endeavour to engage the most highly qualified and appropriate speaker/s for CPD programs. When engaging presenters for CPD programs Leo Cussen Centre for Law is committed to reflecting and promoting the diversity of the legal profession.