Why Leo Cussen for Continuing Professional Development

Your needs come first

We listen to our clients’ feedback to best understand their practice needs and requirements. That way we are confident we deliver what is best for them – relevant, comprehensive and high quality professional development training.

Leo Cussen’s highly experienced team of legal practitioners and administrators do thorough research and consult with the profession to ensure we develop programs and content that are relevant, topical and of real value.

Top quality CPD trainers

We use leading practitioners, many from the most senior levels in the profession. It is our policy to retain the most suitable presenter for a CPD program. We are always adding to our database of presenters and highly qualified CPD staff.


Leo Cussen, established in 1972, is a highly respected training body that presents hundreds of CPD programs every year, and is well into its fifth decade of doing so. Explore our CPD database of upcoming seminars, workshops and conferences – offering courses such as advocacy CPD workshops, and employment seminars.

Catch up with your colleagues

Leo Cussen CPD events and CPD courses are a great time and place for meeting and developing networks for mutual benefit.

We support Legal Support Staff

Our programs give practice supervisors the confidence that their staff are well-trained, current and on the same page as their lawyers.