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There are currently multiple challenges facing the legal industry:

  1. The profession is facing disruption from technology advancements, changing client needs and shifts in the way people work.
  2. Roughly 80% of Australians are unable to access legal assistance because they aren’t able to afford a private lawyer or qualify for legal aid, creating a critical justice gap.

To help address these challenges, the industry needs to invest in and embrace innovation.

As part of your PLT program, you’ll take part in the Leo Justice Lab. The Leo Justice Lab’s purpose is to innovate for impact, as you address a real-world problem connected to the justice gap, and work collaboratively to innovate to create a solution.


How does Leo Justice Lab work?

Leo Justice Lab partners with organisations working in the access-to-justice space, who give us a real-world problem that needs a creative and real solution.

We will teach you innovative methods and mindsets for the future of law, and the future of work, so you can find a solution to the real-world problem connected to the justice gap.

You’ll be allocated to a small group and be guided in all aspects of collaboration, including how to leverage diverse perspectives and approaches, as well as overcoming differences, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate and contribute.

Midway through the program, you will present your first solution to the partner organisation for feedback. You’ll then return at the end of the course to ‘pitch’ your final idea to the organisation and a panel of judges.

The skills you’ll develop through the Leo Justice Lab, such as empathy, overcoming bias, and collaboration, will contribute to your success as an adaptive lawyer in any area.

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