Why Leo Cussen Supervised Legal Training (SLT) Workshops

We deliver what you want

Our Supervised Legal Training workshops comply with the regulatory requirements and are delivered by experienced practitioners in an intensive and compact format that causes minimal disruption to practices and firms. Complete your Supervised Legal Training in Victoria with Leo Cussen, and benefit from our engaging and stimulating SLT workshops, designed to help further your legal career.

Take the pressure off – we’ll do it

Some topics must be delivered by an approved provider such as Leo Cussen, but save yourself the hassle and take advantage of our full program – or pick and choose.

No exams

Successful completion of a Supervised Legal Training workshop is decided not by exams, but by individual, practical assessment.

Our reputation

For 45 years, Leo Cussen has been training law graduates for admission to the legal profession. We are widely recognised by legal employers for providing comprehensive and high quality training to national competency standards for entry-level lawyers, with a strong emphasis on the practical.

Mix with the right people

Leo Cussen is a friendly, supportive environment where you’re constantly interacting with experienced, well-connected practitioners, not to mention talented and ambitious fellow learners. Building professional networks and starting lifelong friendships comes naturally here.