We provide dedicated support to international students and overseas qualified lawyers to become practising lawyers in Australia.  


Our Services


  • In-house specialist international team to provide tailored support and assistance during your Practical Legal Training (PLT) program and beyond. 
  • Dedicated panel of accredited migration firms to assist you with migration and visa application advice.  
  • Guidance and advice on the process and eligibility to practise law in Australia for overseas practitioners. 


Leo Cussen is a registered CRICOS provider offering PLT for international students. 
CRICOS provider code: 02224A
CRICOS Onsite Course Code: 039593D 





Eligibility for PLT at Leo Cussen


Australia law degree holder  

Depending on the type of visa you hold, you can enrol to complete PLT in or outside Australia.


Studying PLT in Australia  

  • If you are seeking a student visa to complete PLT in Australia, you are required to enrol in our CRICOS registered course (039593D). We will provide you with an eCOE which will allow you to apply for a student visa.  
  • If you hold a preliminary student visa from your LLB or JD, bridging visa or other temporary residence visa with no restrictions on study, you can enrol into any of our PLT programs (i.e. onsite/blended/online, full time/part time). Please talk to our team for more details.  
  • For all concurrent study and study mode options, chat to us and we can help you with your eligibility.  


Studying PLT outside Australia  

  • You can enrol into any of our online learning PLT programs (full time/part time). The 10 immersive days with mandatory attendance are completed online via Zoom.   


Overseas qualified law degree holder/lawyer  

Before you can enrol into the PLT program at Leo Cussen, you will need to have your overseas law qualification and/or work experience assessed by the admitting authority in the state you wish to practise. 


The admitting authority may require you to complete the full or part of the PLT program.  

If you are required to complete the full PLT program, please refer to the options above regarding studying PLT in or outside Australia.  

If you are only required to complete part of the PLT program, you may enrol in our PLT Single Topics or Supervised Legal Trainees Workshops 

Get in touch with our team for more information and detailed support.



Our Team

Fonda Gazis

Mentor, Lawyer and Head of International Student Support

Australian Legal Practitioner


Eleen Wee

Enrolment and International Support Officer

BSc (Honours)


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  •  I have completed my law degree in Australia, am I eligible for PLT?   

    Yes. You are eligible to apply for PLT but you will need to check the conditions of your visa.

  •  I obtained my law degree overseas, am I eligible for PLT?   

    If you obtained your law degree or equivalent from outside Australia, you will need to have your qualifications for admission approved by the relevant admitting authority in the state you wish to practise. This must be done before you apply for any PLT program.  Find the contact details for admitting authorities in Australia here.

    After you have been approved, you can apply for PLT.

  •  I am an overseas lawyer, am I eligible for PLT?   

    If you’re an overseas lawyer, you must contact the relevant admitting authority in each state to discuss any requirements for admission to the Australian legal profession. If the admitting authority requires you to complete PLT, then you can apply with us.

    Given you have already practised law, you may be required to complete part of the PLT program at Leo Cussen. Please contact us for more details or to discuss your personal circumstances.

  •  Will Leo Cussen help me apply for my visa?   

    Yes. Once your enrolment is confirmed, we will issue you a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter together with an International Student Agreement for your completion.

    If you are enrolled in our CRICOS course (Onsite Full Time Learning) and wish to apply for a student visa, we will issue you an eCoE which you can use to apply for a new student visa.

    If you are completing your law degree in Australia on a current student visa, you can commence the Leo Cussen PLT and then apply for a new student visa based on the eCoE.

    We can also offer guidance about the program options that are best for you and your visa type.

  •  Do I need to complete an IELTS test to be eligible for PLT?   

    No. You are not required to take an IELTS test to enter the PLT at Leo Cussen.

  •  Do I need to complete an IELTS test for admission after completing PLT?   

    You may be exempt from completing an IELTS test for your admission application.  Our International Student Support Team will be able to assist you with your admission to practice, including the IELTS test requirements and their applicability.

  •  Can I study the Blended or 100% Online PLT program?   

    Yes. Please contact our PLT Enrolment Team before you enrol so we can assist you with the process.

  • Will Leo Cussen help find my professional placement?   

    Yes, Leo Cussen offers the opportunity to have your placement organised for a fee.

  •  What are the fees for international students?   

    You can view our most current list of fees for PLT here.

  •  When is payment of tuition fees due and can I pay by instalments?   

    You are required to pay a $500 part tuition fee as acceptance of your offer to confirm your PLT enrolment. The balance of the tuition fees is due 2 weeks prior to the PLT course start date.

    If you wish to pay the remaining fees via instalments, once you receive your Confirmation of Enrolment Letter, you can contact our PLT Enrolment Team for a payment plan application form. You must make your application no later than two weeks before the course start date. Your application will be reviewed by our Director of Education Delivery and once approved, you will be sent a payment plan agreement.

    Applicants on a Permanent Humanitarian Visa are eligible to apply for FEE-HELP.