Practical Legal Training Course Enrolment Form

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Who can enrol?


Required documents

All students must provide each of the following:

  • Proof of residency (birth certificate OR passport)
  • Proof of degree (academic transcript)

Overseas students must provide the following:

  • Appropriate visa

Overseas qualified practitioners must also provide each of the following:

  • Letter from Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB)/The Legal Practice Board of Western Australia (LPBWA)
  • Proof of compliance (if relevant) with VLAB/LPBWA requirements (eg academic transcript)

Required reading

All students must carefully read the following important information before applying:

Important Information for Practical Legal Training course
Grievance Procedures

Course Info

CRICOS Provider Code: 02224A

Course details
Course fees
Course dates

Course Enrolment

Start Date: 6/07/2020        End Date:  4/12/2020       

Start Date: 13/07/2020        End Date:  27/11/2020       

Start Date: 13/07/2020        End Date:  20/06/2021        

Start Date: 13/07/2020        End Date:  27/11/2020     

Start Date: 3/08/2020        End Date:  18/12/2020     

Start Date: 20/07/2020        End Date:  4/12/2020  

* The Swinburne/Leo Cussen Dual Award course is a Full Time Online course

* The WA course is a Full Time Online course

* The VIC PLT 2 August Intake is a Full Time Online course

General Information

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Mailing Address


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Enter N/A if not available

Special needs


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Before enrolling in the Practical Legal Training Course you must have qualified to receive the degree of Bachelor of Laws or equivalent. Please select the option below that best suits your situation.

Warning: If you do not have a graduation date, please select no for the question "Have you completed all requirements of the Bachelor of Laws or equivalent?" and provide your Last Assessment Date and Expected Date of Final Results.

Admitted Practitioner

All Applicants

I will have completed all the subjects required for admission in Australia (Criminal Law and Procedure, Torts, Contracts, Property both Real (including Torrens system land) and Personal, Equity (including Trusts), Administrative Law, Federal and State Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Evidence, Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Company Law) by the time I commence the Practical Legal Training Course.
These are known as the Priestley subjects.

* If you will not have completed all the subjects required for admission in Australia, please contact Administration to discuss your application. Phone 03 8667 5667 or email Ensure you save your form before exiting to maintain your progress.

Additional Information

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Other Degrees or Qualifications held

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Documents to Accompany this Application

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 Academic Transcript 

If you are not attaching your VLAB approval letter to your application, it will need to be provided by Day 1 of the course

Proof of Residency

Additional Document (if applicable)

Conditions of Enrolment

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By signing this form you

  • Acknowledge that you have carefully read and understood the information set out in this Application form and in the “Important Information for PLT Applicants” at
  • Undertake to pay all tuition and incidental fees as notified in the ‘Important Information for PLT Applicants’
  • Undertake to advise the Leo Cussen Centre for Law in writing immediately if you no longer require your confirmed place in the course
  • Undertake to provide to Leo Cussen Centre for Law original or certified copies of all documents necessary to prove that you have satisfied all the conditions for entry to the Course as required by the VLAB/LPBWA
  • If admitted in a jurisdiction other than Australia, undertake to provide a copy of the letter from the VLAB/LPBWA confirming its requirements
  • Authorise Leo Cussen Centre for Law to verify all subjects, degrees or qualifications obtained by you with the appropriate university or universities
  • Acknowledge that providing any false information in the Application form and process will automatically forfeit your place in the Course or waiting list
  • Acknowledge the available Grievance Procedures (see
  • (If applicable) Authorise Leo Cussen Centre for Law to communicate to your sponsoring employer about your application and your progress in the PLT throughout the year
  • (If applicable) Acknowledge Leo Cussen Centre for Law’s reporting responsibilities under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000
  • Authorise Leo Cussen to collect information, it may be de-identified and used for the Graduate Outcome Survey

Special online course conditions only

  • Undertake that you understand and will commit to the full time online Course requirements of minimum 25 hour commitment each week throughout the Course
  • Undertake that you understand and will commit to the part time online course requirements of minimum 12-15 hours commitment each week during the Course
  • Undertake that you understand and commit to attending the compulsory on site attendance days (see Important Information for PLT Applicants)
  • Certify that you have a basic or higher working knowledge and understanding of the Internet and email usage in the workplace; as well as a basic or higher aptitude for using MS Word
  • Undertake to immediately advise in writing the Coordinator Online PLT, if any items in this Application Form or your circumstances materially change prior to or during enrolment


We will apply a Withdrawal Penalty if you withdraw after acceptance of offer but before the Census Date. You are personally liable for the Withdrawal Penalty. If you are an eligible FEE-HELP student, you must personally pay the Withdrawal Penalty to Leo Cussen and it is not subject to payment via FEE HELP. The Withdrawal Penalty applies equally to both FEE-HELP and Non FEE-HELP students.

Questions about our PLT

We’d love to talk with you about how our PLT course will suit your needs.  Why not book a chat with us by emailing or calling 1300 039 031.  We look forward to hearing from you!