Leo Cussen, like many organisations, uses zoom as a tool to work remotely, and deliver our services to clients and students.

Following widespread use of Zoom video-conferencing software across the world due to the COVID-19 shutdown, we have become aware of recent research and media reports that have highlighted a number of potential privacy and security issues.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how Leo Cussen works with Zoom, and the measures we have in place to protect ourselves and you.


Leo Cussen undertook a thorough evaluation of video-conferencing software and selected Zoom in October 2019. This review included consideration of its capacity to provide uninterrupted service and a user-friendly experience as well as integration with other critical services. The evaluation as a matter, of course, considered platform safety, privacy and security as key issues.

Operating in the modern IT world involves continual risk assessment and mitigation. Privacy and security issues are an ongoing concern with all software platforms. For example, video-conferences on any software platform can be recorded by any participant on their computer or even a smartphone.

Leo Cussen has undertaken a detailed risk assessment in light of all available information and implemented the following measures to address these risks:


Leo Cussen has implemented technical security solutions and undertaken specific staff training to decrease risk. These include password protection for seminars to address the risk of ‘Zoombombing’, and local recording of seminars (rather than in the ‘Zoom cloud’). Other settings and training adjustments have also been made to prevent unauthorised access to webinars and recordings of proceedings and Leo Cussen does not use the transcription service in Zoom.

Zoom itself has reported that it will freeze feature updates to address security issues.


Leo Cussen recognises the importance of addressing potential concerns associated with the use of Zoom.

Leo Cussen considers the risk of its use of Zoom to be acceptable to it for delivery of its online teaching, with appropriate mitigation measures in place.

Leo Cussen will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate action to identify and address any issues that become apparent.