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Get moving with Practical Legal Training (PLT) at Leo Cussen, Australia’s most experienced PLT provider

Our program is designed for JD and LLB graduates seeking admission to the legal profession as an Australian Lawyer. Our program should be completed after you earn your law degree, or earlier with approval from your local admitting authority. Graduates of our PLT program are awarded a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP). 

With over 40 years of experience in the delivery of legal (PLT) training, Leo Cussen Centre for Law is recognised by the legal profession as a centre of excellence in legal education. 

Why Choose Leo Cussen?

Join our extensive legal network and be part of our community where you can learn as a lawyer, with lawyers

Leo Cussen’s mission is to provide comprehensive and quality practical training to law graduates leading to their admission to the legal profession as Australian lawyers. We have been training law graduates to become great lawyers since 1972.  

At Leo Cussen, we believe that Practical Legal Training acts as a bridge between academic and legal practice. We emphasise the development of practical skills in the context of matters and situations that would be encountered in the workplace. 

By integrating the teaching of skills, ethics, substance, practice and procedure, we aim to provide best practice legal training and assessment in skills and substantive law for entry-level lawyers.  

Our training program goes beyond the National Competency Standards for Entry Level Lawyers by approximating the reality of practice to the fullest extent practicable. We provide a broad range of legal training and assessments in general legal skills and ‘how to’ skills for specific areas of legal practice. Graduates of our program gain transferable skills that support diverse professional workplace requirements. 


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