Just Listen Events

The Just Listen events are incredibly important for promoting diverse voices and perspectives. It’s an opportunity to listen and gain a deeper understanding. Our guests are inspiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lawyers sharing their unique experiences in the field of law and their aspirations for a better future.


Just Listen Event  | 4th October 2023

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Lawyers- Continuing to Shape the Legal Landscape

In the second instalment of our Just Listen events – we were joined by Justice Louise Taylor, Professor Asmi Wood and Emma Towney to discuss their careers in law and the challenges and triumphs they experienced along the way.

This session offers several valuable takeaways:

  1. Insights into the varied career paths of the panelists
  2. Real-life experiences that influenced and motivated our panellists to study law
  3. The role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lawyers play in shaping legal frameworks
  4. The real-world impacts of legal issues on indigenous communities
  5. An awareness of inclusivity and the historical and ongoing challenges
  6. Greater understanding on how the profession can change to help attract Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to careers in law





Past event:

Inaugural Just Listen Event  | 30th May 2023

This inaugural Just Listen event is an important opportunity to bring together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders in law and hear about their journey and reflections for a future where diverse voices can thrive and flourish.

The recording of the entire session captures all the insightful stories and discussions.


Meet the panel:

The Honourable Justice Lincoln Crowley, Judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland

His Honour Justice Crowley is the first Indigenous judge appointed to a superior court in Australia.

Avelina Tarrago, Barrister, North Quarter Lane Chambers

Avelina Tarrago is a Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal and the Bar Association Queensland.

Margaret Hornagold, Senior Policy Advisor Legal Aid Queensland

Margaret is a Barada and Kabalbara woman and has worked across Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policy and service delivery for over 40 years.


Some feedback we received include:

“That Just Listen panel was absolutely amazing”

“I’ve so much to learn”

“What a great initiative also that Leo Cussen has taken in creating a “Listen” series.

Inaugural Just Listen Event | 30th May 2023