As legal practice is continually evolving, it’s important that lawyers regularly update their skills and knowledge. Leo Cussen provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to help lawyers stay informed about legislative changes, case updates, as well as expand their skills. There is a range of reasons why CPD should be implemented. There are benefits of CPD for an organisation, as well as an individual. This blog explores some of the many benefits of CPD training so you can make the most of this important practice requirement.


Once you’re employed in a legal practice, you’ll be aware of how changes in the law can affect your work. Each year, new legislation is introduced and cases are decided and it’s up to each lawyer to stay well informed in order to provide up to date advice to clients. Lawyers also need to continually improve their professional skills and ability to manage their files. This is why CPD training is so important.


Each year (from April 1 to March 31), Australian lawyers must complete at least 10 hours of CPD training across a number of categories that can include Ethics & Professional Responsibility; Practice Management & Business Skills; Professional Skills; and Substantive Law. CPD requirements can be fulfilled through a variety of ways, such as live seminars and workshops, publication of legal articles, or by completing interactive online learning modules through CPD courses.* 


CPD benefits are evident and extensive. CPD courses are a great opportunity to not only learn about developments within your current practice area, but also explore different areas of law. If you have particular career goals, CPD can help you achieve them; as long as you satisfy the CPD requirements, you can expand your knowledge and develop your skills in other practice areas that more closely align with your future goals. Leo Cussen offers CPD in areas of law such as wills and estates, corporate, employment, family, litigation, migration, property, superannuation, and tax.


At Leo Cussen, CPD courses are presented by leading lawyers, such as judges, registrars, law firm partners, barristers, in house counsel and academics, so you can rest assured that you are learning from the best within the field of law. 


Due to the unprecedented changes taking place in 2020, the convenience of undertaking CPD completely online has become paramount. Many CPD courses and programs are now available as live-streamed seminars, workshops, intensives and conferences, as well as pre-recorded webcasts, which you can access whenever and wherever you like. You’ll thus have the ability to take notes and learn at your own pace.


As with many educational courses, you get out what you put in – and the same goes for our legal training courses. Therefore you can maximise your knowledge and skills development in the best possible ways. If you approach CPD training as an opportunity to advance your career, rather than just an obligatory step or a chore, you’ll find that you’ll derive the greatest benefit from CPD. CPD will therefore be more satisfying from a knowledge, skills and intellectual point of view.

At Leo Cussen, CPD is considered highly important and we consider ourselves experts in all things CPD. For more information, contact us today.



*CPD requirements in each Australian jurisdiction may differ. Readers should check their local CPD Rules and requirements.