PLT is an excellent opportunity to develop practical skills that will be valuable no matter which career path you choose, especially if you decide not to become a practicing lawyer. There are plenty of exciting career paths available to you and the skills you’ll gain at Leo Cussen will help you get there.  

Some skills you’ll gain include: 

  • Advocacy, 
  • Communication,
  • File management,
  • Understanding risk and accountability
  • Problem solving, and
  • Creative thinking skills. 

Unique to Leo Cussen’s PLT, you’ll also gain key Whole Lawyer skills: 

  • Technical Capability (TQ) – A technically proficient lawyer who can write with clarity,
    and run client matters across a range of entry level practice areas,
  • Human Skills (EQ) – An empathetic lawyer with a growing emotional intelligence who can engage in effective client interactions, negotiation and advocacy, 
  • Character (CQ) – A values driven and self-aware lawyer who acts with integrity, professionalism and a deep sense of ethics, and
  • Adaptability (AQ) – A curious and creative legal thinker who is digitally savvy and adapts to differing circumstances and needs. 

These future-proof skillsets help you enter the workforce confidently and your value as a potential recruit is so much greater! In fact, most of the top 10 skills for the future of work identified by the World Economic Forum, are specifically taught in our PLT program. 

Not only are grads who undertake PLT at Leo Cussen able to gain experience with real lawyers, but they also receive immediate feedback to help them hone their skills. As one of our PLT grad describes, grads are assessed by “barristers and lawyers who are very experienced in what they do, and they give us feedback straight off and then also give us written feedback at the end of the day”. Another grad said she received her feedback “almost immediately – I got it on the train ride home”. 

By providing an opportunity for grads to practice the skills in a controlled and safe environment and receive valuable feedback from supportive legal practitioners, you are being prepared in the best possible way for your new legal career. It’s a great way to be prepared and gain experience no matter the pathway you choose. 

Watch our short video where Jacinta Foley talks about how your PLT qualifications can be used in alternative career paths with all your new skills attained during the program.

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