Andrew Trinh

BComm, LLB (Hons), GDLP

Lawyer & Mentor

Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction
Bachelor of Laws with Honours
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
Australian Legal Practitioner


At Leo Cussen

Andrew is a full time Mentor at Leo Cussen.

He has a passion for assisting his graduates to achieve a sense of accomplishment in completing their Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. He continuously seeks to develop their practical skills, mindset and approach with the goal of preparing them for a successful career in law.


Before Leo Cussen

Prior to becoming a Mentor at Leo Cussen, Andrew was a Commercial Lawyer primarily dealing with commercial contracts, business transactions and commercial leasing.

Andrew acted for clients of all sizes, from individual sole traders to publicly listed companies. As a head of the Victorian Commercial Division of a national firm, he managed a team of junior lawyers in all the firm’s commercial matters in Victoria. In this position, Andrew mentored many young lawyers in a practical environment, subject to real world consequences. He takes this experience into his mentorship role at Leo Cussen.

Andrew previously practiced in commercial litigation with exposure to most jurisdictions up to and including the High Court of Australia. He understands all too well the commercial risk environment which must be navigated by many of our junior lawyers and seeks to prepare his graduates for the same.

In a previous role, Andrew was also the resident expert in business and investment migration, including the $5million significant investor visa (SIV). This position allowed Andrew the opportunity to present information seminars to legal professional, including an in-person seminar series to principal legal practitioners from a leading national law alliance in China.




Achievements/Special Interests

Andrew has a special interest in Victorian commercial leasing and the operation of the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic).

In his personal life, Andrew enjoys fine dining, wine (particularly red wine, both consuming and collection on a casual basis), film, musical theatre and power ballads. He has an appreciation for wrist watches, gridiron, mixed martial arts, boxing, James Bond and Formula 1 racing.