Finishing law school? Starting your career in the legal profession can be a very daunting experience but it is an incredibly exciting period into your career trajectory. You may have a well-rounded knowledge of the theoretical side of the law, but you still have skills to learn, such as opening files, drafting legal documents, negotiating with other parties, and interviewing clients.

While completing your PLT at Leo Cussen, you get valuable hands on experience in practicing these skills. You’ll learn as a lawyer with lawyers in a safe environment.

The PLT program at Leo Cussen replicates real life practice. As Binuri Totawattage, a current Queensland trainee, explains during the course trainees will be “drafting letters, drafting course documents, file notes, telephone calls that’s all included within managing your file just like you’d do as a solicitor in your everyday job”. It is with these practical tasks that trainees are afforded the opportunity to learn legal skills without the high stakes.

Not only are trainees able to gain real experience with real lawyers, but they also receive immediate feedback to help them hone their skills. As Binuri describes, trainees are assessed by “barristers and lawyers who are very experienced in what they do, and they give us feedback straight off and then also give us written feedback at the end of the day”. Another trainee, Quinn Hironaka, said she received her feedback “almost immediately – I got it on the train ride home”.

By providing an opportunity for trainees to practice the skills in a controlled and safe environment and receive valuable feedback from supportive legal practitioners, you are being prepared in the best possible way for your new career. Renee Drury, a trainee in Queensland, believes the process has been a “really good experience” and she is being “prepared for the real world next year”.

To find out more about how Leo Cussen provides a safe way to learn, watch our Zoom Info Session held on 6th October.


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