What is the Whole Lawyer?

The legal profession is evolving. To be a successful legal practitioner, you need to be a lawyer that is not just technically proficient, but one that is intuitive, adaptable, curious, creative, and emotionally intelligent – the Whole Lawyer.

That’s why we’ve updated our Practical Legal Training (PLT) course to give you the skills to confidently enter the legal profession and thrive as the Whole Lawyer.

The Capabilities of the Whole Lawyer

Four professional capabilities are taught and developed throughout our PLT course to help you become the whole lawyer – technical capabilities, human skills, character, and adaptability.

Technical Capabilty (TQ)

Legal technical proficiency is about the ability of a lawyer to run client matters with skill and efficiency to achieve the best outcome for their client, and to write and draft with clarity and accuracy. Sound technical skills help Leo Cussen grads work confidently when they commence their first legal roles.

Human Skills (EQ)

As the legal profession is client-focussed, human skills are a critical part of a lawyer’s skill set. It’s important for law grads to develop human skills to help build rapport for effective colleague and client interactions, as well as easing tension for effective negotiation.

Character (CQ)

Character helps you to become a values-driven and self-aware lawyer acting with integrity. An understanding of ethics in practice, with growing professionalism, goal setting and reflective practice is integral for legal professionals. A 2014 survey conducted by the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System found that lawyers believe that more than anything, new lawyers needed character in the sense of integrity, trustworthiness, ethics and resilience.

Adaptability (AQ)

Adaptability has the power to transform you into a curious and creative legal thinker, capable of adapting to diverse circumstances and needs. Lawyers with a high adaptability quotient have the ability to thrive in unpredictable environments. Being adaptable means law grads have the mindsets required to learn how to do new things quickly or how to do old things differently.

This is critical for new lawyers as they react to an ever-changing legal landscape.

Be the Whole Lawyer

Leo Cussen’s PLT  helps you be the Whole Lawyer. Our PLT course is designed to teach you the skills and develop your professional capabilities, so you enter the legal profession as a confident lawyer with technical capabilities, human skills, character and adaptability to succeed.

Find out more about how the Leo Cussen PLT course develops each of these professional capabilities:

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