Leo Cussen to Deliver Practical Legal Training at ANU

Thursday, 20 February 2020


Leo Cussen Centre for Law has announced it will be delivering practical legal training at ANU from January 2021.

The Leo Cussen Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice will be offered from the Australian National University Acton campus and will be open to students in the ANU College of Law along with law graduates from other institutions.

At the completion of their ANU Law degree, ANU students will have the option to undertake the Leo Cussen Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice being offered from the ANU campus and complete their practical legal training requirements in Canberra.

Leo Cussen has been training law graduates for admission to the legal profession for 45 years. The institution is widely recognised by legal employers for providing comprehensive and high quality practical legal training for entry-level lawyers with an emphasis on offering a personalised mentoring program and developing strong practical skills.

Shirley Southgate, Executive Director at Leo Cussen said: “Leo Cussen’s practical legal training focuses on ‘learning by doing’ in a simulated practice environment, with a rigorous hands-on training program to better prepare graduates for legal practice.”

“This ensures that every graduate has the essential skills required to be job ready as an entry level lawyer.”

“This is a partnership that is good for students, future lawyers and the legal profession. Both our organisations share a passion for high-quality legal education and offering the best law programs to prepare students for the rigours of legal practice,” said Ms Southgate.

Dean of the ANU College of Law Professor Sally Wheeler said the Leo Cussen program will ensure the next generation of practicing lawyers for the ACT and more widely.

“The Leo Cussen program being offered from the ANU campus will provide continued support for the ACT legal profession by allowing law graduates to continue to complete their practical legal training in Canberra.”

“This collaboration between Leo Cussen and ANU is a natural fit as both educational organisations have a proud history of promoting academic excellence, access to justice and high-quality education to students,” Professor Wheeler said.