Practical Legal Training: Our Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

The Leo Cussen Practical Legal Training (PLT) program is designed for JD and LLB graduates seeking admission to the legal profession as an Australian Lawyer.  Graduates of our PLT course are awarded a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP).

Completion of Practical Legal Training is a prerequisite for admission to the Australian legal profession.

With over 40 years of experience in the delivery of legal training, Leo Cussen Centre for Law is recognised by the legal profession as a centre of excellence in legal education.  

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  • How to Enrol

    To enrol in the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Leo Cussen, please complete your enrolment form online via our Enrol Now page. If you need assistance or would like to talk to someone about the course, please give us a call on 1300 039 031 or email and we’d love to help you!

  • Eligibility

    Are there any PLT requirements?
    Before completing a PLT application, check below to see if you’re completed these law prerequisites for the PLT course.
    You are eligible to commence the Practical Legal Training Course (PLT) if you have completed all the requirements of the LLB or JD from an Australian approved law school.

    You may enrol in the course while you are completing your final law degree subjects. Please note when submitting your PLT application enrolment is conditional on you providing evidence that you have completed the requirements of the degree.

    A completing law student who has a summer school subject or a supplementary exam where the results will not be available until after the course commences is eligible to submit a PLT application and to commence their practical legal training.

    In Victoria, a law student who at the commencement of the course has one or two elective subjects outstanding may be eligible to commence the course. If you are in this position you may enrol. However, you must also make a Concurrent Study Application to your local admitting authority for approval to commence PLT before completion of your law degree.

    Evidence of approval must be provided to Leo Cussen before the commencement of the Practical Legal Training Course. If you wish to discuss your particular situation before submitting your PLT application, please contact the PLT Co-ordinator, Michelle O’Connor at


    For Blended Learning or Face to Face Learning you must have a residency status permitting you to reside and study in Australia.

    International Students on student visas may only be eligible to apply for the Onsite course. International Students on other forms of visa may be eligible to apply for the Online course subject to the conditions of their visa. See International/Overseas Applicants, Course Fees and Selection Criteria and Procedures.

    All applicants: please note that as (a) the course amounts to a single unit of study and (b) entrants to the legal profession require currency in legal practice, prior course credit (or Recognition of Prior Learning) is not typically granted.

    If you are an Overseas Qualified or Requalifying Lawyer/Legal Practitioner seeking admission, you must first seek guidance/approval from the relevant state admitting authority before applying to the Leo Cussen Practical Legal Training Course.


  • Course dates and fees

    For important information on our PLT dates, go to our PLT Course Dates page and PLT Course Fees page.


  • Confirmation of Enrolment

    We aim to confirm your enrolment within 3 business days of receipt of all your documentation.

    Confirmation of enrolment is subject to:

    1. The provision of outstanding documentation (refer Application Form); and
    2. Part Tuition payment of $500 OR Completed Request for FEE-HELP Assistance form

    If your preferred course is full, then you will be placed on the Wait List and offered a place in an alternative PLT course.


  • Failed University Subjects after Enrolling

    If you have enrolled and subsequently fail a subject in your law degree  then your place in the course is generally forfeited. You will receive a refund of any part tuition payments they have already made.  Alternatively we can defer your place to a later course.

    Please note that the applicant will generally be subject to the our withdrawal or deferral fee. However, this policy may be waived by the Director PLT if it is clear that the applicant has promptly notified the Leo Cussen of their situation and their initial enrolment objectively appears to have been made in good faith.

    NOTE: An applicant may be permitted to continue in the PLT while completing the final law degree subject. Applicants should contact the Director PLT to discuss this option.

  • Deferral

    Applicants wishing to defer should first carefully read the PLT Deferral, Transfer, Suspension and Cancellation Policy and Procedure and contact the PLT Administrator before making an application.

    A summary of the Deferral component of the policy is as follows: The applicant must:

    1. be an ‘eligible deferee’ by having been offered a place in the Centre’s PLT and;
    2. demonstrate compassionate or compelling circumstances (e.g. illness where a medical certificate states that the eligible deferee/trainee is unable to attend classes, family, travel, economic issues or other matters) and;
    3. submit a written Deferral Application to the Director PLT.

    A Deferral Application must be in writing and addressed to the Director PLT. It may be emailed to: Applications will be considered by the Director PLT, who will respond promptly.

    Applicants for Deferral should note that tuition fees may increase from year to year and they will be liable to pay the fee applicable at the time of enrolment.

    Overseas Student deferrals (and suspension or cancellation of enrolments) are made in compliance with Standard 13 of the National Code 2007.

  • Transfer Prior to Completion

    As the entire Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (Practical Legal Training) is a single unit Equivalent Full Time Student Load (EFTSL) completed within twenty-one weeks (full time) plus professional placement, it is not possible to transfer into the PLT from another Registered Provider once the course has commenced. Nor is it possible to transfer out of the PLT with any relevant EFTSL completion before completion of the course.

    The entire PLT comprises a single unit EFTSL because the PLT is a course that prepares law graduates for admission to the legal profession and eligibility for ‘admission’ is an indissoluble concept. A lawyer is either admitted to the legal profession or not based on their satisfactory completion of the entire complement of Practical Legal Training under the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015.

  • Living Allowances (Austudy and Youth): the PLT is a full-time course

    Commonwealth tertiary education assistance in the form of payment of means-tested living allowances is normally available to full time PLT students on the same basis as to undergraduates.

  • Part-Time Work or Study

    Other study or work is ok, as long as it does not interfere with the recommended time commitment for each PLT course.  See Course Structure for more details.

    Please contact the Director PLT to discuss any concerns you may have.