Practical Legal Training (PLT) Single Topics required by admitting authority VIC or WA

Overseas Qualified Lawyers or Requalifying Lawyers

Who can apply?

Only overseas qualified lawyers or requalifying lawyers required to complete PLT Single Topics by the relevant admitting authority. Please note that FEE-HELP does not apply to PLT Single Topics.

All applications must provide the following:

Overseas qualified practitioners must also provide each of the following:

Which PLT Single Topics do you wish to enrol in at Leo Cussen?

Once your application has been assessed and is deemed satisfactory by Leo Cussen Centre for Law you will receive an invoice for payment and further information about your enrolment in single topics.

For further information please contact

Part 1: General Information

Mailing Address

Part 2: Nationality and specific needs

We seek to support all students in achieving satisfactory completion of the PLT single topics

Part 3: Conditions of Enrolment

By lodging this form you:
  • undertake to pay the tuition fee/s as notified;
  • undertake to provide a copy of the assessment letter from the VLAB or LPBWA confirming its requirements and all other required documents;
  • authorise Leo Cussen Centre for Law to verify all subjects, degrees or qualifications obtained by you with the appropriate university or universities;
  • acknowledge that providing any false information in the Application form and process will automatically forfeit your enrolment;
  • understand that FEE-HELP does not apply to PLT single topics at Leo Cussen required by the Admitting Authority

If you have any questions please contact:

Tegan Sangwell


T: +61 3 8667 5667