Support the next generation of lawyers

Hosting a Practical Legal Training (PLT) work placement is a great way to give back to the profession while also benefiting your organisation. 

By hosting a PLT placement, your organisation will gain:  

  • Cost-effective, high-quality support and assistance from lawyers of the future    
  • A simple way to assess future potential employees at no cost 
  • Opportunity for your team to lead, teach and mentor aspiring lawyers  



About us

Leo Cussen is a national provider of PLT. We’ve been running PLT in Australia for over 50 years. 

We have offices in most capital cities and students in locations throughout Australia. Being a not-for-profit organisation with a long track record of matching suitable students to organisations, we will be able to provide this service at no cost to you.  


Partner with us

Let us take care of all the logistics, including insurance! 

We will match your organisation with a grad who has a genuine interest in your area(s) of law. You’ll get plenty of time to plan and you can choose the dates that you wish to host.  

With our comprehensive PLT program, the regulators require our PLT grads to undertake 15 days of placement (20 days in WA). The placement component takes place at the completion of all other elements of the program. This means our profession ready grads will be coming to your organisation at the cusp of admission. 

For further information hosting a placement including what is required of placement supervisors, check out the Professional Placement Guidelines. 

Want to host a PLT placement for our grads? Register your interest above and our team will be in touch! 


See what our PLT placement hosts are saying


“Here at KHQ Lawyers, we deeply value our relationship with Leo Cussen. We have hosted PLT placements for more than 5 years now. Leo Cussen goes out of their way to think which graduates would suit our culture, prep them for their placement and then follow up to make sure it has been a good experience. We are a young firm so the graduates themselves also bring great energy and many have gone on to permanent roles with us. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Leo Cussen for many years to come!”
Chris Gianatti, Director, KHQ Lawyers


“LFS Legal has been involved with the Leo Cussen student placement programme for over 15 years. Many of the students placed with us have remained full-time employees, subsequent to the placement. The students are well prepared, enthusiastic and a pleasure to have at our firm. We look forward to the yearly intake of Leo Cussen students. They are always of genuine assistance and my staff enjoy sharing their knowledge with them.”
David Free, Principal, LFS Legal


“The Leo Cussen graduates actively participate in the day to day activity of a busy law practice. They come prepared and are ready to add value. Thank you Leo Cussen for the efficient digital process in completing the forms.”
Evgeny Vasilyev, Principal Solicitor, Genuine Legal


“We really value the work of the PLT placement students that Leo Cussen send us. This program is so well organised that the induction and ongoing support for the students is seamless. This means they can hit the ground running on their placement and really focus on contributing to our practice. They quickly become productive members of our team and we really appreciate this contribution.”
Anna Copeland, Supervising Solicitor, SCALES Community Legal Centre