Reaching the end of your law degree is such an exciting time. No doubt you are keen to get started with your career and work on exciting projects.  Practical Legal Training (PLT) is a crucial step that all lawyers must undertake. It ensures you have sufficient experience when you join the legal profession. We decided to craft a 2 minute read and a 2 minute video (above) to demonstrate what are must haves in a PLT course:

Is it goodbye to university?

Completing your law degree is only part of the journey towards becoming a practising lawyer. PLT is a superb opportunity to put away the textbooks and apply your knowledge in a real-world setting through a structured training program that reflects real legal practice.

Learn with lawyers

Graduates who complete their Practical Legal Training through Leo Cussen, learn with lawyers and focus on running realistic simulated client cases. While law school focuses on the theoretical side of the law, our PLT imparts the skills needed in practice such as analysing a client’s problem, providing written or oral advice, drafting legal documents, and negotiating with other parties.

Prepare for your future

PLT is all about preparing you for your future as a practising lawyer by giving you the skills to operate on a day-to-day basis, network with other lawyers, and make you employable for law firms.

Since Leo Cussen’s establishment in 1972, the centre has helped thousands of lawyers in Australia acquire exceptional legal training. The reasons why Leo Cussen has achieved its longstanding quality reputation include:

1. Simulated Practice

Undertaking Practical Legal Training with Leo Cussen will introduce you to many trainers who are lawyers and leaders in their fields, allowing you to learn from the best. Leo Cussen’s PLT will take you through a variety of legal skills such as advocacy, letter drafting and client interviewing. You won’t do assignments or exams. Instead, you’ll simulate the work of a real first-year lawyer by working on cases from start-to-end. It’s all with the aim of giving you a realistic experience, honing your skills as a future lawyer, and getting you job ready.

2. Business Skills

Being an exceptional lawyer is about much more than knowing the law. No matter where you end up after your PLT, it will be important to have the necessary business skills to engage in effective management of clients and deadlines, to know how to deal with other lawyers, and how to cost your time. Leo Cussen’s PLT course includes topics on work management and business skills which will help address all of these skills and more.

3. Mentoring

Leo Cussen pairs each PLT student with a mentor who will guide them through this challenging and exciting course, ensuring that they feel well supported through one-on-one guidance which is timely, detailed and individualised, providing comprehensive feedback at all stages of their PLT.



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