Developing Whole Lawyers

Four professional capabilities are taught and developed throughout our PLT program – technical capability, human skills, character and adaptability. We equip graduates with the skills to be competent, capable and confident lawyers. They’ll be Whole Lawyers – ready to grow your organisation from day one.

The future of your organisation starts with the right people. By choosing Leo Cussen’s PLT for your graduates, you’ll get the best.


Our PLT Program

Find out how our PLT program will prepare your graduates to be confident and successful lawyers that will help grow your organisation.


PLT that works for you

Our PLT program can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Here’s just some of the ways we can create a bespoke program for your law graduates:


Flexible timing & delivery

Your graduates can start and complete their PLT to fit around your organisation’s schedule. Choose between in-person and online training sessions.


Tailored content

Our PLT program can be tailored to ensure your graduates cover practice areas and skills relevant to their work in your organisation. The work and training your graduates are already carrying out in your organisation can also often be counted towards the PLT program.


Program jurisdiction

Our program is both national and local, with graduates around Australia following a program of learning with content tailored to your location no matter where your graduates are based.


Why Choose Leo Cussen’s PLT for your Law Graduates?

We can tailor our PLT to fit your needs

No matter the size or speciality of your organisation, we can work with you to provide a tailored PLT program that will complement your in-house training and schedule.


We’re Australia’s leading PLT program

For over 50 years, Leo Cussen has worked closely with the legal profession to transform law graduates into successful lawyers.


We’ll support your graduates

Your graduates will be supported through their PLT by a dedicated lawyer mentor who will guide them every step of the way.  Graduates will also receive individual support for their admission applications.


We’re a national provider

Leo Cussen is a national provider of PLT that offers in-person, online and blended modes to suit any employer.


We develop Whole Lawyers

Leo Cussen’s PLT program is designed to make graduates the Whole Lawyer. We won’t just develop their technical skills, but also their human skills, adaptability and character to ensure they’re rounded individuals ready to grow your organisation.


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