We Train Successful Lawyers

Leo Cussen’s PLT program will equip your law graduates with the skills to be more than just competent and confident lawyers. We’ll help them become Whole Lawyers – lawyers who are not just technically proficient but are human skilled, collaborative and creative.

By choosing Leo Cussen’s PLT for your graduates, you’ll get the best out of them. Your graduates will gain the skills to grow your firm.

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Why Choose Leo Cussen for your Graduates?

1. Australia’s Leading PLT Provider  

For over 50 years and with more than 20,000 graduates, Leo Cussen has a rich heritage of working closely with the legal profession to help law graduates become successful lawyers. Find out more about the structure of our PLT program 

2. National Provider  

Leo Cussen is a national provider that operates Australia-wide and offers in-person, online and blended formats, helping law graduates around Australia gain the confidence and skills to hit the ground running for your firm. 

3. PLT that fits your Firm  

No matter the size of your law firm, we can work with you to create a tailored PLT program that will complement your in-house training and schedule.  

4. Developing the Whole Lawyer 

Leo Cussen’s PLT program, is designed to make graduates the Whole Lawyer, prepared for the future of the legal profession. We won’t just develop their technical skills, but their human skills, their adaptability and their character to ensure they’re rounded individuals ready to grow your business. Find out more about the Whole Lawyer. 

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Our PLT Program

Find out how our PLT program will prepares our grads to be confident and successful lawyers that will help grow your firm.


Want to find out more?

Find out how Leo Cussen’s PLT program can be tailored to complement your Graduate Program to build successful lawyers that will grow your firm.

Contact Alex Giannopoulos, Head of Industry Engagement and Partnerships.

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