There are so many things to consider when finishing law school. If you are unsure about what lies ahead, see below for the answers to 5 of the most regular questions we receive:

1. How do I get qualified as a lawyer?

Completing a PLT course after you finish Uni is the fastest way to qualifying as a lawyer. Our course is different because we have built a simulated practice model where you learn as a lawyer with lawyers. By assigning you a legal practitioner mentor and giving you feedback from a range of external legal practitioners and barristers, you receive regular feedback in a practical context. i.e. running your own files. Once you successfully finish our course you are ready to seek admission as an Australian Lawyer. Here is a helpful flowchart.

2. I am not sure I want to practice – should I bother with qualification?

Yes! There are so many exciting career paths for law graduates. One of the things about becoming qualified as a lawyer is that there is a point of time between law school and being admitted to practice where there is an opportunity to develop some key practical skills. These skills are valuable no matter what career path you choose: advocacy skills, communication, file management and understanding risk and accountability.  It means you enter the workforce confidently, with a suite of working skills so that your value as a potential recruit is so much greater than if you had only completed your LLB or JD without the practical component of a GDLP. In fact, most of the top 10 skills for the future of work identified by the World Economic Forum are specifically taught in our GDLP.

3. How much does it cost?

As the longest standing PLT provider, we operate with only the quality of the legal profession in mind. For this reason, our status as a not-for-profit body means that our course is priced competitively and without extra fees. For example, some PLT providers charge extra fees to reduce your work experience days from 75 days to 15 days.  Our fees are for a 15 day placement and if you need you can complete our online placement option (0 days) without any further charge.  FEE-HELP is available for domestic students the same way it is at university, and we offer payment plans to those without access to FEE-HELP. Our 2021 course fees have remained the same as 2020. All our fees are listed here.

4. How do you learn with lawyers during Covid?

Easily. We have had a long time now to adapt our courses into a Covid friendly environment. Whichever course mode you select, you will work closely with your group and mentor.  In the 100% Online course, the face-to-face learning component will take place on zoom. In the Blended course, it will take at our premises in Melbourne CBD (if government restrictions do not permit this at any point during the course, we will run the relevant face-to-face component via zoom).

In both our Blended and 100% online courses, you learn via our simulated practice model and you have the regular support and guidance from your legal practitioner mentor and our network of external legal practitioner and barrister instructors. It’s the best of both worlds.

5. When should I enrol?

Quickly! You have until 5pm on the 28 July to confirm your enrolment for our final intakes being the 2 August.