2020 has been a year of turbulence, upheaval and mixed emotions for many. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced new ways of thinking, working and living, upon us all. What a new ‘Covid-normal’ will look like is still unclear.


However, with great challenges come great opportunities, and in 2020 Leo Cussen Centre for Law completely transformed its CPD programs, to offering its entire range of CPD onsite programs as live stream delivery. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, Leo Cussen CPD Team worked around the clock to provide one hour seminars, full day conferences, Practical Workshops and its highly regarded Practice Management Course, totally online.


In uncertain times, Leo Cussen’s weekly CPD training offerings have been providing lawyers with the comfort that they are fully informed of legal and practice developments and that their CPD needs and requirements will be met leading up to the end of the CPD year in March 2021.


As many lawyers were given the ‘opportunity’ to work from home, the convenience of attending a Leo Cussen CPD training program via zoom has become a staple of the Covid-19 environment.


Whether you’re listening and watching the CPD program intently, unloading the laundry, home schooling your child in grade four maths you secretly don’t understand, changing nappies, or rolling out of bed two minutes before the CPD program starts, lawyers’ abilities to multi-task have never been more apparent.


As the days roll on, due to the hard work and sacrifice of many people, Melbourne finally has the easing of restrictions in sight. While there are some bright Spring and Summer days ahead, the work of Australia’s legal profession will of course continue, and Leo Cussen CPD Team continues to offer many amazing CPD programs up to the end of December (and beyond!). With so many legal practice and skills areas covered, including outstanding pre-recorded webcasts, you’re sure to find something to suit you.


As the warmth of summer rolls around, you can hopefully stop arguing with your friends about the latest ‘best shows to binge watch on Netflix’ and get out of the house, breathe in some fresh masked air, put in your headphones and go for nice long walk listening to the latest Leo Cussen CPD webcast.


You can find all of our programs – and more – via the link.


We hope to ‘see’ you soon!