Leo Cussen Centre for Law is thrilled to announce the launch of our redesigned Practical Legal Training program to meet the evolving needs of today’s legal professional. 

As Australia’s most experienced PLT provider, Leo Cussen has been delivering Practical Legal Training for 50 years.

In 2021, Leo Cussen created a Learning Transformation Project team to re-imagine its PLT program. The aim was to improve the transition of law graduates into the profession and to help them thrive as innovative lawyers of the future.

“We resolved to design a graduate program that focussed on teaching and developing the skills that would take new lawyers from good to great, a program to develop the Whole Lawyer.”   Madeleine Dupuche, Director Learning Transformation.


The Whole Lawyer Concept

You’ve heard of IQ and EQ…the Leo Cussen Graduate Program develops TQ, CQ and AQ in its law graduates.

The whole lawyer brings skills for contemporary legal practice into focus. The whole lawyer is technically capable, adaptable, values led, resourceful, collaborative and self-aware.   Why is this so important?

Learn more about Leo Cussen’s vision to transform the profession through education and connection in our article The Whole Lawyer.


What’s new about our PLT program

Our redesigned PLT program brings skills for contemporary legal practice into focus centered around the concept of the Whole Lawyer.

The Whole Lawyer is technically capable, adaptable, values led, resourceful, collaborative and self-aware. 

Exciting innovations include:

More course dates across the year – we are here when you need us! There are 10 intakes in 2023.

▶  Part time reduced to 30 weeks – you can now choose between 20 weeks based on of full- time work or 30 weeks based on 3 days per week of work.

The Leo Justice Lab – you’ll learn transferable methods and mindsets for innovation, work on real world problems, impact the law, and gain innovation experience sought after by employers.

Choice of 8 specialist areas – Criminal Law is no longer compulsory for all students.

More personalised – you’ll receive personal support, advice, and industry insights by working closely with an experienced lawyer.

Build your Whole Lawyer professional capabilities – TQ – Technical Capability, EQ- Human Skills, CQ- Character and AQ- Adaptability.

▶ Professional Placement – this can be organised for you in any learning mode (optional).


What is Leo Justice Lab?

Innovation for Impact! Our course lets law grads work on real problems with the new Leo Justice Lab.

Leo Justice Lab is the first program of its kind in PLT in Australia where law grads learn transferable methods and mindsets for innovation.

Here, law grads will work on real world problems within the profession, impact the law and gain hands-on innovation experience that is highly sought after by employers.

Read more about the Leo Justice Lab in our article.

We are so pleased to launch the redesigned PLT program and better equip the next generation of legal professionals and to find out more click on this link.

If you have any questions or require more information about Practical Legal Training you can chat with us.

Enrolments for 2023 are now open.

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