Finishing exams and university is a momentous achievement – well done!! How can you ensure a smooth transition out of university and into the legal profession? As Australia’s most experienced PLT provider, we have built our course and its simulated practice upon the very simple premise – learn by doing. In this short clip, our Qld PLT mentor Peter Cotter, states this very clearly:

 “The best way to learn to be a lawyer, is to do the work of a lawyer”

We welcome you to PLT – Practical Legal Training – and our course honour’s its name! It is truly practical.  At Leo Cussen you will carry out all day-to-day work of a lawyer, which includes learning how to manage a client file from beginning to end: the first phone call conversation, to the first face to face meeting, through researching and providing advice about your client’s legal situation, to negotiating on their behalf, preparing legal documents or representing them in a court or tribunal.

There are never two days the same at Leo Cussen. 

Some days will involve negotiating with the PLT student who is representing the other party to resolve a transaction or dispute; on other days you will be drafting a Will and having your mock client sign it in front of witnesses as you would do in practice.

Working with peers is your entrée to working in the legal profession. From your legal practitioner mentor, colleagues and the members of the profession instructing you in their areas of specialisation, soon you will discover the importance of networks and sharing knowledge and experience with your colleagues.

With the support of our skilled mentors, you receive regular feedback right through this process, so you can improve along the way. Assessment is based on your management of these client files so there are no exams or essays. You really have turned the corner into your legal professional career!

Our lawyer mentors are a key part of ensuring that you receive quality training through your PLT.  And, as a law graduate edging closer to admission as a legal practitioner, we ensure you have access to high-quality PLT– where you learn as a lawyer, with lawyers.

See how here!  

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We are currently accepting enrolments for our Courses through July 2021. You may enrol to do your PLT / GDLP with Leo Cussen before you get your semester/trimester results. We will work with you to make sure you have the right documentation. Further, our enrolment form reserves you a place in the course, without committing you to the course; you are still able to cancel your enrolment should you wish to do so.

For information on enrolment or other options for completing your PLT/GDLP visit our website here or book a time to chat with us here. 


Enrolments are open and filling fast. Completing our enrolment form submits your application for PLT and reserves you a place in the program. This form does not commit you to the program and you are still able to cancel your enrolment should you wish to do so.

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