Creating an Account with Benny Button


Step 1. Create Account Link


Each person who opts into using the Wellbeing Checkpoint app will first need to complete the Create Account process. This is best done on a computer.

(Make sure you click on the “Terms”, then click the “OK” button)


Note: We don’t have Leo Cussen staff pre-populated in the app so going to a login page before creating an account won’t work.


Next steps…


Onboarding to Core features: Once someone has created their account, they will be taken automatically through a few onboarding steps that go through core features of the app. Namely,

  • Check In – 4 question self-assessment of wellbeing in work and life, and performance in work and life.
  • Focus – There are 8 wellbeing-performance factors to choose from. The app instructs people to set 1 focus area (e.g. Stress Mastery, Mindful Action, Work, Nourish, Rest, Move, Grow, Connect). Within each focus, a person can get more targeted by setting between 1-3 of the listed priorities. This step will retrieve a set of suggested actions…
  • Action – A person is then encouraged to set between 1-3 key actions, either selected from the suggested set, or creating their own.
  • Resources – Based on a person’s selected focus, there are curated resources for self-directed learning.
  • Mobile App Download – People will be able to download the mobile app and sign into their account. They can do this in a number of ways. There is a QR code in the desktop app that will take them to their appropriate app store (Apple or Android). Or, after creating an account they can simply search Benny Button Wellbeing Checkpoint in the app store and sign in using the same account details.