Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important part of every lawyer’s career, allowing them to hone their skills, explore new areas of law, and network with others in their field. Leo Cussen has built a reputation as one of Australia’s premier CPD providers and institutes of law for many reasons, offering highly reputable CPD training and courses.


Established in 1972, Leo Cussen prides itself on its wide range of CPD programs for lawyers and courses which have been presented, developed by or in consultation with eminent members of the legal community. This ensures that each CPD topic offered will provide relevant, up-to-date information for participants, which they can then apply in their own legal practice.


Here at Leo Cussen CPD presenters and instructors occupy senior positions within their respective fields of law, which guarantees that attendees will learn from the best and be supported as they complete their program and meet their CPD requirements. Leo Cussen’s policy of utilising the most suitable and qualified presenters and instructors for our CPD courses and programs has direct and obvious benefits for anyone undertaking CPD with us.


Leo Cussen offers a wide range of programs and courses within all major practice areas and under the four main CPD categories, namely Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Practice Management and Business Skills, Professional Skills, and Substantive Law.* Program topics cover areas such as wills and estates, family law, employment Law, advocacy, criminal law, litigation, FOI and privacy, intellectual property, corporate law, sports law, personal injury, in-house counsel, practice management course, and many more.


As 2020 has delivered unprecedented changes in all areas of business and legal practice, Leo Cussen has adapted by offering all of our CPD courses and programs online, which are available as live-streamed seminars, workshops, intensives and conferences, as well as pre-recorded webcasts, which you can then access whenever and wherever you like. Whilst CPD online training presented some initial challenges and required adjusting to, we have found many benefits associated with them. Pre-recorded webcasts allow you to have the ability to take notes and learn at your own pace. Live-streamed programs and courses allow you to engage with the presenters, ask questions and are timed to suit busy lawyer’s commitments. 


So what CPD hours do you need? Lawyers must complete at least 10 hours of CPD each CPD year *, Leo Cussen’s range of online delivery modes makes it easier than ever for you to meet your CPD hours and obligations, which is particularly handy if you’re unable to travel to an onsite venue to complete CPD.


Leo Cussen understands perfectly what you need from CPD as it is run by and for practising lawyers, providing support and training for all lawyers, whether they’re entry level all the way through to senior level. This allows our students to experience all of the possible benefits of CPD. To find out more about the extensive range of Leo Cussen CPD courses and programs and to make a booking, check out our CPD Programs page or get in touch.


*CPD requirements in each Australian jurisdiction may differ. Readers should check their local CPD Rules and requirements.