Tiffany Long

LLB, BA, GDLP Australian Legal Practitioner

Head of Education Delivery - ACT

Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
Australian Legal Practitioner


At Leo Cussen

Tiffany is a Mentor in the Practical Legal Training program, with a primary focus on the blended ACT/NSW course. Tiffany works with students to ensure that they achieve a high level of success in their studies with Leo Cussen and is passionate about teaching resilience-based skills to emerging lawyers.


Before Leo Cussen

Before joining Leo Cussen, Tiffany worked in private firms and at Legal Aid in the areas of family law, family violence and child protection. Prior to her admission, Tiffany also worked as a paralegal in commercial and construction litigation.

Tiffany has extensive advocacy and negotiation experience and aims to pass on some of her experiences in these areas to students. Tiffany is a member of various ACT Law Society Committees and is dedicated to fostering an inclusive legal profession which upholds the highest standards of legal knowledge and conduct.



Tiffany is the former Secretary of the ACT Women Lawyer’s Association and is current a serving committee member on various ACT Law Society Committees.

Tiffany has a special interest in inclusivity and resilience in the legal industry and is passionate about mental health issues which affect lawyers, such as anxiety and vicarious trauma.

Outside of work, you will find Tiffany spending time with her family, cooking up a storm and adding to her collection of impractical shoes.