Lee Anne Stapleton

Mentor and Lawyer


Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Laws
Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing
Master of Law (Applied Family Law)
Australian Legal Practitioner


At Leo Cussen

Co-coordinator of the Ethics subject in conjunction with Vicky Kordouli

Employment Law team

Learning Transformation Project team – digital environment


Before Leo Cussen

Commenced legal practice in South Australia and worked in Community Law at the Legal Services Commission. Since moving to Victoria I worked initially for a small firm specialising in environmental law and then moved to Victoria Legal Aid. During my time at VLA I worked initally in the Family Law Division and have experience as a Duty Lawyer at both the Magistrates Court and the then Family Court and Federal Circuit Court. I also worked in the Knowledge Services Division at VLA for two years, assisting in the development of the LawGuru – Legal Information Project.
This project was an opportunity to assess the most effective way of providing information to legal and non-legal stakeholders of VLA, but also exploring how technology can assist as both an information and educational gateway – so that people who are less able to afford legal services are able to inform themselves and hopefully achieve effective self-representation.
After 16 years at VLA I wanted to explore how I could further contribute to the legal education of new lawyers. In early 2016 I was a Lecturer in Family Law at the Australian Catholic University Melbourne, before joining the College of Law Victoria, to teach Practical Legal Training in 2016. I then joined Leo Cussen Centre for Law in February 2021 to become a Mentor and Lawyer, which has been a hugely rewarding experience.



Lee is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria.


Achievements/ Special Interests

I am also an Artist and have had and been part of several exhibitions of Photography and Paintings; Fun Fact – I once won the City of Adelaide Medal for Judo!