Liability Claims Coordinator, Wesfarmers

Before undertaking the Leo Cussen Centre for Law (Leo Cussen) Practical Training Course (PTC) in 2010, I obtained a Bachelor of Business (Economics) and Bachelor of Laws from Latrobe University.

The reputation and practical nature of the PTC is what initially attracted me to Leo Cussen. Although I developed a strong academic understanding of Law at University, I feel the practical skills learnt at Leo Cussen helped prepare me for the real legal world.

Leo Cussen provided me with the necessary skills and confidence to interview clients, draft documents, negotiate settlements and attend hearings, in a supportive and interactive environment. My mentor during the course provided invaluable guidance and experience and continues to remain a professional mentor for me.

Like many of my fellow Trainees, I was unsure about the area of Law I wanted to specialise in when I finished University. The PTC at Leo Cussen exposed me to a number of different specialities, and assisted me to determine which area of law best suited me. Upon completion of the PTC, I found that my real passion appeared to be Civil Litigation.

Today, I am the Liability Claims Coordinator at Wesfarmers Limited, responsible for managing public and product liability claims across the organisation.  I negotiate outcomes, looking at the cost and commercial implications for the company. The skills and abilities I have, that were nurtured at Leo Cussen were not only instrumental in preparing me for legal practice, but continue to help me perform my job effectively.