Partner, O'Farrell Robertson McMahon, Bendigo

I attended Leo Cussen in 1982 after completing my law degree at Monash. While I enjoyed Monash, my time at Leo Cussen was extremely enjoyable and prepared me very well for being a lawyer.

My first position as a solicitor was in Bendigo and it involved a fair amount of advocacy work in the first few years. I have no doubt that my training at Leos prepared me very well. At Leo Cussen I covered the topics of Wills and Deceased Estates but in my first two years of practice, I only prepared a few Wills and I did no work in the area of deceased estates at all. However, my employment position changed and there was the opportunity and need to work in some areas of law that I had not done previously. My broad training in the Leos Practical Training Course helped enormously.

I have been teaching at Leo Cussen in the area of Wills and Deceased Estates for 16 years and I have been an accredited specialist in this area for almost 15 years. I remember very well the instructors I had in 1982 and it is a privilege to be a very small part of the strong tradition that the legal profession has of mentoring and nurturing young lawyers.

I have had some exposure to practical training courses run by other organisations and I have no doubt that the model and course content provided by Leo Cussen is the best.

The best thing about the Leo Cussen PTC:  The breadth of experience it provides you.