Persons Name Murray Baird Assistant Commissioner, Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission

During my Arts and Law studies at Monash I had part time work at Moores Legal which was then a sole practice. Although I was offered a position at the firm, I decided that a career in private practice would be well served by practical training across a broad range of legal areas.

I did the Leo Cussen PTC in 1977.The Leo Cussen Institute Course first attracted me because of the range of subjects in which practical training was offered.  However it was the people I worked with during that year that proved to be the most valuable part of the course.  Skilled practitioners shared their experiences in the profession. I have maintained contact with many in my peer group who have excelled in their careers in every branch of the profession and outside the profession.

My career path took me back to Moores Legal where I became a Partner and was able to apply learning across a range of legal disciplines in building the firm. Moores is now a substantial firm of 13 Partners and 50 Lawyers. I recently was Chair of the Partnership and have found a niche in Not for Profit law.

I believe the insights of the year at Leo Cussen Institute have contributed significantly to my career and the scope of legal areas in which Moores Legal works.