Solicitor, Gadens Lawyers

Before training at Leo Cussen in 2011, I completed a Bachelor of Laws, Arts majoring in Political Science, and a Diploma of Modern Languages in Indonesian, at the University of Melbourne.

I spoke with several people who had studied at Leo Cussen, and they all recommended it.  They said it was a good opportunity to meet other law students, and get practical experience to get more of an idea about what working in a law firm is like.  I preferred the onsite course as opposed to other courses online because it is a practical course and I knew I would get more out of it interacting with others. I also liked that Leo Cussen organises work experience placements for all trainees.

I found that doing mock trials and mock client interviews were very helpful at Leo Cussen. I liked having the opportunity to manage a file from start to finish. It was also good to meet a variety of people from the profession and discuss what they do.

I now work at Gadens as a Solicitor. I am currently in the Property team. My second rotation is likely to be in Commercial Litigation. The tasks I perform include assisting with property settlements, drafting shopping centre leases and various legal research tasks.

I enjoy having a job that is intellectually stimulating. I like working with people who are intelligent and dedicated, the staff are very inspiring at Gadens. The work is different every day.  I like to be able to help people by figuring out solutions to problems.

Leo Cussen helped me get more of an idea about what the day to day reality of being a lawyer was like. The practical side of the law is very different to what we learn at University.  Leo Cussen helped confirm that law was the path that I wanted to take in my career.  I also made some very good friends and networks.  We still keep in touch regularly and help each with any problems or questions we have at work.