WA PLT Graduate

Ilzamarie Evans

Leo Cussen’s practical legal training course exceeded my expectation on almost every level.  The excellent quality of mentorship, support and feedback I’ve gotten throughout this course as well as their ‘hands-on approach’ helped me gain the required understanding, knowledge, skills and practical experience to enter the workforce. The course required us to run a number of client files simultaneously as well as cover various areas of the law such as property, commercial, Civil and criminal law. This provided me with an opportunity to explore various areas of the law which I found very interesting as well as how to effectively manage my time whilst keeping my clients informed and happy.

In addition, Leo Cussen provided us with excellent topic materials that set out all the basics as well as the processes involved when running a client file.  I’ve used these materials more than once after completing the course, in my actual workplace.

The mentors at Leo Cussen goes out of their way to make the process as pleasant as possible. They are all very friendly, helpful, enthusiastic and professional people whom, all share a common interest in making their students ready for the workforce. I’ve enjoyed every moment doing this course and feel part of the Leo Cussen family.