Barrister, Victorian Bar - Greens List Barristers

I graduated with a BA/LLB (Hons) from the University of Melbourne prior to coming to Leo Cussen Centre for Law.  The highlights of my training at Leo Cussen were the friends I made who have remained good friends in the years since, despite practising in very different areas of law.

When I trained at Leo Cussen, I appreciated the opportunity to run files in practice areas that I may not have otherwise had occasion to practise in. This meant that I had a small amount of practical knowledge to go with the theoretical knowledge gained from university in areas like divorce, sale of business/ property, wills and probate or running a trust account.  People often expect this basic level of knowledge from any lawyer, and I have found it useful.

After graduating from Leo Cussen, I was a Researcher to the Judges in the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria for a year, then Associate to Justice Mandie in the trial division of the Supreme Court of Victoria for three years.  I then worked as solicitor at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for four and a half years, before coming to the Bar.

I am currently a Barrister at the Victorian Bar.  I mainly act and advise in commercial disputes, including disputes involving personal or corporate insolvency or arising under the Corporations Act 2001, but I accept briefs in other areas of law.

I really enjoy the diversity of my current role – I never know what the next brief is going to be about!  I get to learn all about a particular type of application and area of law, and all about my client’s business, so that I am briefly an expert on these subjects. Then the matter is heard and determined, or else settles, and I move on to the next one.  I am always learning.  It’s good when a similar situation crops up again so that I can use my experience, but inevitably each case raises different issues.  I also enjoy the role of advocate – being the one on the client’s side, seeing their point of view, fighting for the best outcome they can get and giving them the best advice I can about their options.