What is CPD? Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a mandatory requirement to ensure that a lawyer’s knowledge and skills remain up to date. Lawyers in most Australian jurisdictions must complete at least 10 hours of CPD training each CPD year (April 1-March 31)* in order to maintain their Practising Certificate. This guide will explain what’s involved with CPD training and how Leo Cussen Centre for Law can help you meet your CPD requirements. To learn more through our CPD guide, read on.


Legislation, legal practice guidelines and policies are constantly changing and legal practitioners and lawyers in Australia are expected to keep up to date in their chosen legal practice area and build on their professional development. New cases that can impact legal advice also require constant vigilance. New thinking around how client legal services are delivered and professional skills development all provide rich content for CPD courses.


CPD requirements can vary. However, each CPD year in most jurisdictions, lawyers must complete at least one CPD point, in their CPD program, which is usually equivalent to one hour of professional development CPD points can be completed in each of the following areas:


Ethics and Professional Responsibility

This area explores topics such as the duties and obligations of a lawyer in their dealings with courts, clients, other third parties as well as issues such as conflict of interest.


Practice Management and Business Skills

This area focuses on the skills needed and requirements for running a legal practice, such as technology, practice management systems, billing, trust accounts and growing the business.


Professional Skills

Professional Skills encompasses a wide range of topics, such as communication skills, strategies for conducting meetings online or in person, negotiation skills, preparing witnesses and evidence, advocacy and plain English drafting.


Some Australian jurisdictions also require at least one CPD point (usually equivalent to one hour of professional development) in:


Substantive Law

This area can cover practice area specific topics relating to legislation, cases, regulations, policies and guidelines.


Other methods of accruing CPD points may include relevant private study of audio/visual material such as pre-recorded webcasts*.


Whilst being a requirement, professional development courses such as the Leo Cussen Centre for Law’s CPD program can be extremely beneficial to an individual. Leo Cussen is able to help you meet all of your CPD obligations through our high-quality, practical and flexible CPD training programs and courses. All Leo Cussen CPD programs are highly reputable. Leo Cussen presents hundreds of CPD programs for lawyers and produces hundreds of CPD webcasts each year, utilizing leading practitioners and highly qualified instructors to ensure you receive the best continuing professional development possible.

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*Some jurisdictions require more than 10 CPD points and in some cases the CPD year will run from different dates. Qualification for CPD points depends on the specific jurisdiction.