Australia’s most experienced legal education provider, Leo Cussen Centre for Law, is celebrating 50 remarkable years of transforming the legal profession through connection and education.

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It began as an extraordinary undertaking with an innovative teaching model to provide progressive education with best practice legal skills.  During the past decades, Leo Cussen Centre for Law has grown and evolved to ensure they remain relevant in changing social and economic environments while upholding the highest standards of excellence.

With a national presence, Leo Cussen Centre for Law demonstrates commitment, as a not-for-profit institution, to making legal education accessible to all students wherever they are.

Executive Director of Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Shirley Southgate says “Access to justice depends upon a highly educated, ethical, diverse legal profession connected to the communities they serve. Leo Cussen will continue to serve the community and the legal profession by preparing lawyers for a complex, challenging and rapidly changing world in which they will work”.

Leo Cussen Centre for Law looks to the future of Practical Legal Training (PLT) with an approach to develop the whole lawyer and contribute to a future focussed Australian Legal Profession that meets the needs of our evolving world.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at Leo Cussen offers CPD Flex which allows clients to elect to attend programs live-streamed or to join us onsite at our state-of-the-art facility in Melbourne.

Celebrations for the 50 years continue throughout 2022 and its renewed approach and progressive thinking towards legal education will deliver best outcomes in the community it serves.




More about us:

Leo Cussen Centre for Law strengthens the justice system through excellence in legal education. We provide post-graduate legal education to lawyers and other professions working in and around the law. In 2022 we celebrate 50 years as one of Australia’s most experienced providers of practice based legal education. We continue to evolve to remain relevant in changing social and economic environments whilst maintaining excellence in the delivery of legal education programs across Australia.

Through a range of activities and industry engagement, we connect, we listen, and we adapt; facilitating collaboration of the best kind. We believe it is our inclusive ethos that enables us to deliver excellence in legal education, integrating cutting edge developments with best practice legal skills to develop the whole lawyer.