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About Western Australian Articled Clerks' Training Program

The Leo Cussen Centre for Law's Articled Clerks' Training Program is designed for Articled Clerks to demonstrate understanding and competence in the National Competency Standards for Entry-Level Lawyers (NCS). Each topic complies with and assesses Articled Clerks with reference to the NCS.

The Legal Practice Board of Western Australia has decided that all Articled Clerks must complete the topics that make up Leo Cussen Centre for Law's Compulsory Course.

Articled Clerks do not have to complete the Administrative Law elective if their principal has undertaken to train them in the administrative law, criminal law or family law competency standards. 

Articled Clerks do not have to complete the Employment and Industrial Relations elective if their principal has undertaken to train them in the employment and industrial relations; consumer law; planning and environment law; or wills and estates law competencies.

How topics are provided?

All topics:

  • Are intensive and delivered face to face
  • Are conducted workshop style
  • Are taught and assessed during topic delivery (there are no exams)
  • Are taught and assessed by experienced Australian Legal Practitioners
  • Are delivered in the Perth CBD
  • Include morning tea and lunch each day
  • Include hard copy materials
  • Are reasonably priced

What topics are covered?

Compulsory Topics

  • Lawyer’s Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Work Management and Business Skills (including Risk Management)
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial and Corporate Practice
  • Property Law
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Trust and Office Accounting

Elective Topics

  • Administrative Law 
  • Employment and Industrial Relations

For further information please see the timetables.

Terms and Conditions

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