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July 2015

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ONGOING | Practical Training Course (Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice)

The Practical Training Course (PTC) is running over this period. Enrolment in the PTC must be made via the 'Apply to the Practical Training Course' page.

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Wednesday 1st | Civil Litigation (July 2015)

An entry-level lawyer should be able to conduct civil litigation in first instance matters in one or more State or Territory courts of general jurisdiction, in both a timely and cost-effective manner.

This topic covers:

Assessing the merits of a case and identifying dispute resolution alternatives Advising on costs of litigation Initiating and responding to claims Taking and responding to interlocutory and default proceedings Gathering and presenting evidence Negotiating settlement... Read more

Categories: Traineeship (SWT) Workshops | Law Students and Graduates

Monday 6th | Conveyancing - From title search to settlement (July 2015)

This workshop covers the essentials. The program includes:

Searching title Applications for certificates including planning permits and statutory authorities Vendors' statements Contracts Transfer documents Settlement Stamping and registration

A highly practical program which is designed to equip you to operate in this demanding area. 

Note: This workshop runs for 2 days.  Read more

Categories: Workshops for Lawyers | Essential Workshops | Find CPD Programs | Substantive law

Wednesday 8th | Ethics & Professional Responsibility (July 2015)

An entry level lawyer should act ethically and demonstrate professional responsibility and professional courtesy in all dealings with clients, the courts, the community and other lawyers. In accordance with the National Competency Standards for Entry Level Lawyers, this topic covers:

Acting ethically Knowing when to raise ethical problems with others Discharging the legal duties and obligations of legal practitioners Complying with professional conduct rules Complying with fiduciary duties Avoi... Read more

Categories: Traineeship (SWT) Workshops | Law Students and Graduates

Friday 10th | Introduction to Conveyancing for Legal Support Staff (July 2015)

A comprehensive overview of the “what you need to know” of conveyancing. Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the procedures and processes involved in a conveyancing transaction from opening a file to post settlement procedures.

Workshop topics include ownership of property, titles, off-title restrictions and inquiries, vendors statements, contracts of sale, transfer documents, settlements, stamping, registration, notices and GST. 

This workshop will give those support staff new to conveyancing or requiring a refresher, good grounding to begin... Read more

Categories: Workshops for Legal Support Staff | Other Professionals

Wednesday 22nd | Appearing in Court with Confidence - Etiquette and procedure (Rookie Lawyers' Series) (2015)

Have you been asked to appear in court?  Not sure what’s expected of you?  If so, this program is for you!  This seminar will provide a detailed examination of the relevant procedures and etiquette that junior legal practitioners need to be aware of in order to appear with confidence in the Magistrates’ Court, County Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court, Federal Circuit Court and VCAT.    Topics covered include:   Entering and announcing your appearance  Where to sit, when to stand and how to l... Read more

Categories: Seminars | Find CPD Programs | Professional skills | Rookie lawyers

Thursday 23rd | Family Law Practice (July 2015)

This 2 day workshop covers the fundamentals of practising in this challenging practice area. The program includes:

Applicable legislation Family Court and Federal Circuit Court systems and procedures Preparation of documents (including divorce applications, initiating applications and affidavits relating to children, maintenance property settlement, enforcement and contempt, and injunctions) Service of documents Attending court hearings Client interviews Briefing counsel Read more

Categories: Workshops for Lawyers | Essential Workshops | Find CPD Programs | Substantive law

Thursday 23rd | Conveyancing in 2015 – From bricks to broadband (2015)

This seminar will provide an update on recent developments and topical issues in conveyancing practice – from transactional issues to the latest technological advancements.   The Property Exchange Australia Limited's (PEXA) online settlement platform was introduced in February 2015, marking one of the most significant changes to conveyancing practice in recent years.  In this seminar, representatives from PEXA will discuss how the system has been operating since its rollout, outline new initiatives they are working on, and provide guidance on how to ... Read more

Categories: Seminars | Find CPD Programs | Substantive law | Professional skills

Monday 27th | Lawyer's Skills (July 2015)

An entry level lawyer should be able to demonstrate oral communication skills, legal interviewing skills, advocacy skills, negotiation and dispute resolution skills, letter writing skills and legal drafting skills.

This interactive workshop is led by well-respected Victorian practitioners, who have drawn on their years of experience to bring the content of the course to ‘life.’ Participants are encouraged to demonstrate what they have learned through the use of scenarios and role plays, ensuring they develop an understanding of how theory may be applied in practi... Read more

Categories: Traineeship (SWT) Workshops | Law Students and Graduates

Wednesday 29th | Beyond Google - Free internet resources for legal research (July 2015)

Back by popular demand, this practical seminar is designed to improve your legal research skills by providing helpful tips on how to research legislation, case law and other legal material online using the latest free tools.


Categories: Seminars | Find CPD Programs | Professional skills

Friday 31st | In-House Counsel Conference 2015

Contracting with the Government – Dealing with termination for convenience clauses 
The Victorian and Federal Governments have increasingly been including termination for convenience clauses as standard clauses in contracts with private sector entities.  In recent times, the Victorian Government has demonstrated a willingness to trigger such clauses and walk away from multi-billion dollar deals.  In a climate of increasing uncertainty... Read more

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