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ONGOING | Practical Training Course (Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice)

The Practical Training Course (PTC) is running over this period. Enrolment in the PTC must be made via the 'Apply to the Practical Training Course' page.

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Wednesday 29th | Civil Litigation (June 2016)

An entry-level lawyer should be able to conduct civil litigation in first instance matters in one or more State or Territory courts of general jurisdiction, in both a timely and cost-effective manner.

This topic covers:

Assessing the merits of a case and identifying dispute resolution alternatives Advising on costs of litigation Initiating and responding to claims Taking and responding to interlocutory and default proceedings Gathering and presenting evidence Negotiating settlement... Read more

Categories: Traineeship (SWT) Workshops | Law Students and Graduates

Wednesday 6th | Ethics & Professional Responsibility (July 2016)

An entry level lawyer should act ethically and demonstrate professional responsibility and professional courtesy in all dealings with clients, the courts, the community and other lawyers. In accordance with the National Competency Standards for Entry Level Lawyers, this topic covers:   Acting ethically Knowing when to raise ethical problems with others Discharging the legal duties and obligations of legal practitioners Complying with professional conduct rules Complying with fiduciary duties Avoiding ... Read more

Categories: Traineeship (SWT) Workshops | Law Students and Graduates

Wednesday 6th | Bullying, Harassment and Workplace Discrimination - Latest cases and developments

The Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rule 42 prohibits lawyers’ engaging in Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination.

This session will provide an overview of recent cases and developments so that you can avoid breaching the Rule and advise your clients of recent developments in this practice area. All lawyers in 2016 need to understand workplace related issues.

Workplace complaints are being reported with such frequency that it’s essential to keep up to date and be ready to adjust your advice on a moment’s notice. Not only for y... Read more

Categories: Seminars | Find CPD Programs | Substantive law

Thursday 7th | Costs Update, Developments and Recent Cases since introduction of the Uniform Law

The Uniform Law introduced a number of significant changes impacting on legal costs including disclosure documentation, changes to cost agreements, types of work that can be charged for and how costs disputes are dealt with.

This seminar will address recent cases and provide practical guidance on how the key changes are being dealt with under the new regime.

This session, presented by a leading Costs Lawyer, will also cover the most significant changes under the Uniform Law that all practitioners need to be aware of.


Categories: Seminars | Find CPD Programs | Practice management & business skills

Friday 8th | Understanding Financial Statements for Lawyers (Jul 2016)

Offered in conjunction with Kaplan Professional, this one-day workshop covers the principles involved in understanding and constructing financial statements and works through a practical case study on financial accounts.

Learning outcomes include:

Build confidence in reading and interpreting financial information. Explain the underpinning accounting principles & assumptions. Explore the purpose and development of a general purpose financial report. Examine the relationship between the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow st... Read more

Categories: Workshops for Lawyers | Platinum Workshops | Find CPD Programs | Practice management & business skills

Wednesday 20th | Calderbank Offers, Offers of Compromise and Settling Proceedings - Drafting tips and how to know which option is best and when

Resolution of disputes is invariably the goal, irrespective of our practice area - but the timing and method of attempted resolution can impact not only on the course of proceedings but also the result.  Get it wrong and it can derail the matter and increase costs.

This seminar will cover:

Drafting tips and traps - Calderbank Offers, Offers of Compromise and Settlement Agreements When to settle proceedings and when to hold out - timing is key, but what are the signs a matter is ripe for an offer or acceptance? Enforcement and setting aside o... Read more

Categories: Seminars | Find CPD Programs | Professional skills

Thursday 21st | Administration of Deceased Estates for Legal Support Staff (July 2016)

This workshop will provide legal assistants with a thorough understanding of the practice of Administration of Deceased Estates. Participants will be taken through the procedures and forms for obtaining grants of probate and letters of administration, the basic administration of estates, Testator’s Family Maintenance (Part iv) and the collection and transfer of assets.

This workshop will give participants new to this area of practice or requiring a refresher good grounding to confidently begin work in this area.

Categories: Workshops for Legal Support Staff | Other Professionals

Monday 25th | Lawyer's Skills (July 2016)

An entry level lawyer should be able to demonstrate oral communication skills, legal interviewing skills, advocacy skills, negotiation and dispute resolution skills, letter writing skills and legal drafting skills.   This interactive workshop is led by well-respected Victorian practitioners, who have drawn on their years of experience to bring the content of the course to ‘life.’ Participants are encouraged to demonstrate what they have learned through the use of scenarios and role plays, ensuring they develop an understanding of how theory may be a... Read more

Categories: Traineeship (SWT) Workshops | Law Students and Graduates

Tuesday 26th | Misleading and Deceptive Conduct - Latest cases and recent developments

Misleading and Deceptive Conduct is a commonly relied on cause of action in Australia yet it is riddled with pitfalls.  This session will discuss what it takes to succeed in a case for misleading and deceptive conduct, and addresses the question:  how do you defend an action when the allegations are made against your client?

This session will also provide an update of the most recent cases and latest developments in the area.


Categories: Seminars | Find CPD Programs | Substantive law

Wednesday 27th | Boost your Billables and Win More Clients - Effective, practical techniques to win and retain clients in a competitive market

Learn proven methods based on research and experience. Presented by Adam Slonim, a dynamic facilitator and consultant who is trusted by many professional service firms and ASX listed companies to help them win, retain and deliver profitable growth.

You have strong legal skills but how many opportunities to win new clients or retain existing clients have you lost? We all have.

As competition increases so does the need to have a structured approach to managing and building your client base to achieve increased profit. Client relationships are not only about legal skills. S... Read more

Categories: Seminars | Find CPD Programs | Practice management & business skills

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